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Apple on Thursday created a new general support channel on Twitter christened @AppleSupport to expand its presence on the micro-blogging website. The company says that this new account will be a platform to share tips and tricks and also to answer any relevant Apple questions posed by users.

The company previously had an Apple Music Help Twitter account to provide tips and help regarding its Music service, the official App Store twitter account which dealt with app-related queries etc and the Beats Support account which was created in 2012, long before Apple acquired the company.

The new channel is supposedly going to be a general help center working with every aspect of Apple and not aimed at a particular service from the company.

“We’re here to provide tips, tricks and helpful information when you need it most, and if you have a question, well — we’re here to help with that too,”

the @AppleSupport Twitter blog reads.

The first tip from the account came just a few hours ago. It was a ‘how to’ photo guide for the Notes app, showing how you could turn bog standard lists into active check lists.

The account is just a little over 5 hours old and has not-so-surprisingly attracted more than 59k followers already. It is also buzzing with chatter. From people asking about general device related issues to developers asking for tips, the account has got them all. If you scrutinize the tweets a little more, you can even find a few hopeful faces who wish to know about future products only to receive a polite denial in the form of ‘we don’t comment on future products’ from the support team.

This move from Apple might seem a little out of character to some, but ever since Tim Cook has taken over the reigns of the Cupertino giant, the company has been more open and public about everything. The move could also be the tech giant trying to expand its public-facing presence to gain more support in its ongoing battle with the FBI.

Whatever might be the case, the new Twitter presence will surely benefit millions around the globe.

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