Pangu, the Chinese hacking team popular for releasing hacks which allowed users to jailbreak devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch running on iOS 9.0 to iOS 9.0.2 — just received a fitting reply from Apple. Within a couple of days of its newest jailbreak release, Apple seems to have managed to close down two of the exploits that were used by Pangu.

In a document posted on the company’s website, describing the security content, Apple has given credits to Pangu for discovering two vulnerabilities in the iOS. The company has also stated that it has now fixed both vulnerabilities in the latest updates – iOS 9.1.

One vulnerability allowed a malicious application to elevate privileges, while the another allowed a malicious application to execute arbitrary code with kernel privileges.

The Pangu team has rolled out a newer version of their jailbreak tool, version 1.1.0, which is claimed to be more stable and gives better results. But, it still offers ability to jailbreak devices running up to iOS 9.0.2 only.

There is no information available from their side whether the hack for iOS 9.1 is in the works or not. So, if you are looking forward to jailbreak your Apple devices, you will have to stay away from the latest update of iOS until someone releases its jailbreak.

Jailbreaking is a process similar to the process of “rooting” Android phones. It allows a users to gain access to more features on a iPhone or iPad, but it also possesses additional security risks. It is not illegal but it voids user’s warranty.

Along with that, Apple said that it has fixed a denial-of-service issue in the kernel. It has also fixed a privacy flaw where phone and message notifications may appear on the lock screen even when the setting is turned off. The newer update also comes with 150 new emoji, improvements to Live Photos, etc.

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