The smartwatch segment is seeing a phenomenal growth after Apple bombed the traditional watch market with its Apple Watch. And even though it took them time, traditional watch makers are finally jumping the smartwatch bandwagon. The latest to enter that category — Fossil

The watchmaker will be introducing four watches in line named as Fossil Q. Each variant is slightly advanced than the other and also on the hefty of the wallet.

The most advanced of the lot is the Q Founder, which runs on Android Wear and has a circular touchscreen. It is powered by Intel and is up for grabs for a sum of $275. The smartwatch is equipped to receive notifications from your phone and has an array of watch faces that can be tweaked according to the users’ preference. Q Fonder is expected to be launched into the market by the end of this year.

The next suffix to the Q line, is the Q Grant. Nothing fancy here, it wears the look of a traditional analog watch, but has the capability to connect to your phone through Bluetooth. It can even receive and notify users about email, news, texts or phone calls by vibrating and a fancy LED light packed into the device.

It can even help you keep track of your pounds and calories through a fitness tracker that has been equipped in all the devices in the Q range. It will launched by the end of this week on October 25and is priced at $175 to $195.

Last but not the least and rounding off the Q range are the Q Reveler and Q Dreamer. They are not smartwatches unlike other products in the line but are fitness bands designed to keep track of your fitness activities. The bands are equipped with LED lights that notify the wearer about the updates from the users’ phone.

The Q Dreamer comes with a leather or silicone band, which the users are free to choose. This device is meant to be a fitness accessory cum fashion statement in disguise. Even though Dreamer offers two variations of its own, both the devices have been priced at $125 and are going to launched along with Q Grant on October 25.

The Q range is equipped to work with Android and iOS devices.


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