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Twitter Launches A New Tweet Composer Incorporated Into Twitterkit Package

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Twitter has just added a new feature that sees a tweet composer incorporated into Twitterkit package. Katja Nelson, manager of Twitter’s mobile app sales strategy, announced the news today at Twitter’s Flight developer conference in San Francisco, that its TwitterKit package, which is a part of mobile app development tools, gets a new tweet composer tool.

The mobile app developers will now be able to see a preview of tweets from users written through third-party apps.

The new tool will also help users determine whether their tweet appears as they had intended. Twitter believes that this will significantly increase the number of shares and project a positive outlook towards the tweet.

The new tool however has to be purchased before app developers can reap the benefits of the new feature. Once passed the subscription hurdle, developers can use the tool to boost the sales of their app.
Each information that is tweeted using third party apps, will display a message to Install the new tool onto their device. Once installed the users can click on the open button to start using the feature.

The new feature is touted to be more than just a revenue generator to the company. Twitter, amidst pressure to expand its social networking platform to newer markets and business, is hoping that this could also increase its appeal and brand value.

Twitter hopes that by using the new feature mobile app developers can reach out to new users and this could in turn cement twitter’s capabilities as an ad platform.

The company has already announced its plans to launch a new program that is still in its nascent stage that assist businesses reach sales target by adding a call-to-action button. This for now is being launched for the promote app downloads, and may be introduced to other categories as well. Twitter calls this feature Twitter App Spotlight, which will merge Twitter’s profile pages with the mobile apps.


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