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Microsoft Is Rolling Out The Next Big Windows 10 Update In November, But Without Edge

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Come November, a new Windows 10 update will hit the market, at least thats what Paul Thurott is reporting and he isn’t usually wrong. And this isn’t just your regular roll-out — it is in fact the biggest update Windows 10 will receive post its release.

As per Thurott’s report,  Microsoft is nearing the end of the testing phase for the update, which the company calls Threshold 2. By the end of first week, Windows 10 users will be able to update their OS to the Threshold 2.

The new update will fix a number of issues encountered with Windows 10, and will come with a slew of changes to User Interface, which Microsoft had originally intended for the final version. The changes to the UI include coloured title bars for desktop apps and a few minor upgrades to the context menus. It also has an additional Live Tiles for the Start menu.

Disappointingly, the upgrade planned for Microsoft Edge has been delayed by the company and may not feature until next year. The Threshold 2 update however, will resolve minor bugs related to the application.

Microsoft isn’t letting Cortana behind with the new update, as the virtual assistant gets has been equipped with the ability to send texts to your friend circle sinking the contacts between your PC and Windows 10 Mobile.

Threshold 2, as fancy as it may sound, won’t be the official launch name of the update. In fact it’s just going to be called the “fall update” referred to with the version number 1511. Also, there is no need to install supporting updates prior to upgrading the OS since the upgrade is available as an RTM release.

If you still haven’t switched over to the Windows 10 OS and planning to do so, then you might hold your horses for a month or so, until the update arrives.

Additional updates to the Windows 10 applications includes an improvement to the Media Creation Tool. The entirety list of updates and fixes can only be ascertained once Microsoft releases the update into the market.


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