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According to data on the Apple App Store, 61 percent of devices hitting the store are running iOS 9. This number is quite high when compared to last year’s iOS 8. But that’s understandable considering the size reduction of the update this year. Whatever be the case though, the Cupertino giant deserves credit, seeing as how people seem to be adopting both its hardware and software so quickly.

And to top things up, Apple users seem to be going in for iOS 9 despite the fact that the update will bring in tow a few bugs. This stands to show that people trust Apple completely as the company has always been quick in pushing updates and fixing bugs.

The data shown on App Store was released by the Cupertino giant on the 19th of October. Factors contributing to this quick adoption rate could be the sheer amount of features the new OS houses as well as the trimmed down size that Apple is currently providing the update in. This allows users to upgrade without having much room on their device and with less data usage too.

In comparison, Google’s Android seems to be a slow spreader, which actually has always been the case. The current adoption rate of the latest version of Android i.e. Lollipop is a meagre 23.5 percent based on data from Google’s Android Developer Dashboard. Well, that’s lower, but we should bear in mind that Android is open source and not all manufacturers using Android are quick in porting the latest versions onto their devices.

The difference in the adoption rate is probably going to stay consistent in the future too, unless Google changes its tactics which is highly unlikely.

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