Each year, Apple gives speculators something or the other to talk about their flagship iPhone. The fingerprint sensor, the larger display and whatnot, we have always had something to look forward to in each year’s iteration of this beautiful iPhone.

Guess what, apparently this year we won’t be disappointed too. A new report from Bloomberg  strongly supports the much flaunted rumour about this year’s iPhone. The rumour: the iPhone 6S/7 will feature the Force Touch technology. For those of you who know what Force Touch is, very well. For those of you who are newbies to this term, here’s a short explanation.

Force Touch is a pressure-sensing technology which allows your touch sensor to distinguish between softer/lighter and harder/heavier touches, allowing you to perform different functions under different scenarios for different touch types.

This technology has already been seen on the Apple Watch and the new MacBook.

Other rumours milling around according to Bloomberg are that the company will retain its last year’s screen sizes i.e. the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch standards. Bloomberg notes that handset availability will depend on how quickly Apple can churn out the new Force Touch screens.

Apple usually announces new iPhones in September and you can expect to see an ‘S’ variant of the phone instead of a true successor as we see every alternate year, but this is not confirmed by any means. And as always, you can expect slight upgrades to the last year’s flagship.

Other anticipations about the phone include a better chipset and the always welcomed bump in the storage capacity with the coming of iOS 9.



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