‘While You were away’, a feature on Twitter which provides you a recap of tweets you missed, is now official on the social networking site. The feature was previewed last fall, and started rolling out in December.

The feature does exactly what its name suggests. It helps you catch up with the tweets you missed while you were off the social networking site. Twitter groups up the ‘best tweets’ you missed while you were away, and shows them at the top of your home timeline.

Here’s what Twitter says,

To fill in some of those gaps, we will surface a few of the best Tweets you probably wouldn’t have seen otherwise, determined by engagement and other factors.

If you check in on Twitter now and then for a quick snapshot of what’s happening, you’ll see this recap more often; if you spend a lot of time on Twitter already, you’ll see it less.

Recaps, marked with a “While you were away” heading, will begin to appear for all Twitter for iOS users today, and on Twitter’s Android app and soon.


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