It has been over a month since Tech-Portal officially began operations. We have been rising, be it the frequency of articles we publish, be it the diversity of our content or be it viewership, we are constantly growing. But it hasn’t been all shiny. In this short, turbulent journey so far, we have had our share of criticism as well.

In the midst of all of this appreciation and criticism, there’s one common question which has repeatedly come to us from our readers and critics alike, Why another Tech-Blog ? Well, what you read below this line, they aren’t just answers, they are reasons why we, in India, definitely need not just Tech-Portal, but many more blogs like us.

To start with, there’s a one-liner, which we truly believe in, and which we truly wish to materialise, Turning the normal Indian, into a Global Indian.

India, considered by many, is the next global economy. Analysts have been giving numerous estimates regarding how this century will belong to India, and more importantly, to Indians. But, in midst of all these encouraging, yet delusional statistics, we fail to realise that it is we, Indians who will supposedly make India the next big thing, and as of now, we are not prepared.

I will not debate the political aspects of this scenario, because for me, technology and more importantly its knowledge, is what will make India, the next global superpower. And however hard this fact may be for you to digest, we are lagging way behind on that front.

India has renowned blogs, some of them like Amit Agarwal’s Digital Inspiration are exceptionally brilliant. My personal liking for his blog is due to the genre which he has adopted, educating the facebook focussed Indian Internet user about the use and implementation of some very key skills on various web-related softwares.

But again, such blogs, are extremely minuscule in number. The country has recently witnessed a surge in the number of Indian versions of popular foreign blogs, but as per my “personal” opinion, they are simply here to monetise on India’s rapidly growing advertising needs. When I open those blogs, the best I get from there, is the news about the launch of yet another Android smartphone. They are not giving you news, they are more interested in capitalising on India’s behemothic interest in smartphones.

At a time, when we, as Indians are seeing ourselves as a superpower in the next decade or so, are smartphones and gadgets the only “technology” we are interested in ? Sadly, this is the hard truth, but fret not, we are here to change that.

We started Tech-Portal with the sole aim to change this scenario. We started Tech-Portal to change India’s immensely “mobile or gadget-centric” tech-journalism. We do not guarantee you to notify about the launch of every other Android update or smartphone, or for that matter, any other smartphone. But what we do promise, is that we deliver you content, which is exactly what the next Global Indian should be aware about.

We ask you, shouldn’t you, as an emerging Indian, be aware about the fact that GitHub was reportedly blocked in Russia ? Shouldn’t you, as an emerging Indian, be aware that Microsoft partnered with a Taiwanese company to create an Internet of Things (the next big thing) platform ? Shouldn’t you know that NASA’s Orion spacecraft landed back on earth safely ?

Yes, you should. In fact, if you are the Indian who is planning to take India to the superpower status, you definitely should. We source news from varied, ‘trusted’ internet/non-internet sources and publish it to you, in real-time, as it happens outside the sub-continent. We do not wait for a press-release distribution agency to send us the story, almost 2 days after it happened. Why ? Because it takes India 2 days behind the entire world, and leaves Indians with just smartphone related knowledge.

I am not saying Tech-Portal is perfect, but what I can proudly say is, that we are striving hard to reach that perfection. With every unique article we publish, we hope that the average Indian reads it, and moves forward towards achieving the status of a Global Indian. Our content is designed to give an overall knowledge about actual “technology”. We repeatedly feature India’s lesser-known yet promising start-ups, to let the world know, that India is no more, a sleeping giant.

Tech-Portal is an attempt, to change India’s tech-journalism scenario and your constant support towards this venture, has shown that India is indeed ready, to grasp real “technology news” and not just smartphone launch updates.Transforming the normal Indian, to a global Indian.

P.S. If “by chance” you feel too inspired by this post, and wish to contribute, drop us a mail at

IMAGE : FLICKR/CC2.0/NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center

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  1. While everything sounds fantastic. I am lost when I read your line with “behemothic” ideas! Do you get it ?

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