Rumours from certain Chinese media publications have suggested that Apple may be forced to delay the launch of the 5.5 inch screen variant of the upcoming iPhone 6.

The rumours, termed as reports by Chinese publications, confirm, that the 4.7 inch variant will be launched din September, but without  the Sapphire display. The 4.7 inch variant will have sapphire glass on the camera lens and fingerprint scanner, just like its predecessor, but won’ have a full fledged sapphire glass display panel.

The reports have a reason for such a conclusion. As per reports, in order for the 4.7-inch variant to boast a sapphire glass display, Apple’s suppliers should have started shipping it by the end of June. Only then would it be ready in time for launch in September. But that hasn’t happened.

Also, the 5.5 inch will be launched along with the rumoured, iWatch, in late 2014. The report mentions that the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 variant will enter mass production sometime in September. And hence, we can expect the 5.5 inch phablet, to be launched, sometime in December, along with the iWatch.

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