Yes, we know it must be heart breaking for you, but Xiaomi’s sensational debut in India has become even more sensational. Breaking all previous records, Xiaomi’s Mi3 wen out of stock today, in less than 5 seconds !

And again, Flipkart went down, crashing, with various users venting out their frustrations on social network. What has been particularly frustarting for buyers, is the fact that Flipkart never looked prepared for the kind of stampede which Mi3 created.

Even last time, many user complained that their payments got stuck in between and money was deducted from their accounts. Flipkart, this time again, couldn’t handle the amount of traffic it received due to Mi3 sales and hence, went down.

Here are some of the tweets,  posted on twitter :


And this is what Flipkart had to say after the sale :


  1. i m disappointed so go 4 next choice thtis ASUS ZENPHONE 5……………………. fuck flipcard nd fuck mi3 compony……….. jab aukaad nai hai tou india mai product mat launch karo

    1. sale stock nahi rakhte to bechte kyu he. 3000 jyada kharcho or alkatel idol 16999 me lo. flipcart is most bogus company.

    2. Near College Ground
      College Para

      Flipkart is losing its popularity by such cheating sale announcements. What “tamasha” Mi3 is playing, Just dot at 2pm just clicking the purchase button the reply was that ” You are not a registered customer” I have made myself fool at the flipkart’s and Mi3’s trick. I promise and would ensure not to purchase Mi3 or any thing else from Flipkart.

  2. i was able to book in 2mins . the site told your account is unregistered first clicked on a diffrent tab then it worked.clicked on buy it gave oops some thing went wrong .again clicked around the site and clicked back on the mi site. it showed you have bought the product updating the cart. . it took around similar 5 tries to update the cart. and finally i was able to complete the buy. its was like testing a newly launched website in IT. hope its worth it

  3. I was also one of the persons who eagerly waited hours to buy this handset, but only to get the message “You are not registered for the sale” at 2.00 PM and the very next second “Out of Stock” message. Seems like I was made to look like a fool by flipkart cos I could not even get a second to respond. And sales of 10000 handsets, if flipkart really had that number in stock, in less than 20 seconds, just unbelievable. This might be the best configuration available at the best price. But surely not the best way to be sold by only flipkart. Either Xiaomi does not believe its products or flipkart wants to create more hype of this product. So I am off to get some other handset rather than this one. Thanks for flipkart to inspire me to take this step.

    1. This is all rubbish…TOI is spreading the wrong news about MI3 going out of stock in 5 seconds… I have witnessed 2 orders at least 8 minutes apart…. Read my tip below that will help you next time… I’m one of those lucky buyers who was able to grab the deal well on time. I missed it last week but I learned a lesson then which came in very handy this time.

      The secret is that the countdown timer flipkart has put on the website depends on the system time(your computer) using javascript(if you don’t believe me, change the system date and time to 5 August and 2 PM and see for yourself). You couldn’t buy because your system clock’s time is behind that of Flipkart server(and Google- just search “time” on Google). Next time just change the time on your system and try. You may even get some rubbish messages if your clock is way ahead(today I got message like “You have not registered for this sale and blah blah blah..”) and doesn’t match their server’s time but that is nothing to be worried about, just refresh the page and keep trying. You will eventually hit jackpot as soon as their server’s time is 2:00Pm or whatever.

      Hope this help you and others too.

  4. At last I made it….!!!! At exactly 2 pm when I clicked buy now button,

    I got a message “You are not registered”. I refreshed the page several

    times and again clicked buy now button, Again I got messages like “an

    error has occured or You are not registered”.I refreshed again and you

    know what i got- “Out of stock”. Meanwhile I was simultaneously logged

    in to may account via the flipkart android app. After getting “Out of

    stock” message on my browser (on PC of course), I headed straight to my

    app at 2:01 pm. Please note that the time ticker shown on the system was

    showing time based on when you logged into flipkart site from your

    system. The ticker on flipkart app was 45 secods slower than on my

    browser. When timer expired and I hit the buy button..,My app freezed

    and then showed error. I closed the app and again restarted it and

    pressed the buy now again…and then, guess what…Viola…Adding

    product to your kart…It took almost 35 seconds to add product to my

    cart. Finally I proceeded to payment gateway, made my payment and

    finally got a confirmation from WS retail. I did not expected the stocks

    to run out so fast in just 3-5 minutes. Although I was lucky this time,

    but I am not putting very high hopes on this product coz too many

    customers on flipkart have complained about receiving faulty or dead on

    arrival handsets. Well, hoping for a good product and keeping my fingers

    crossed buddies. I advise you guys to use flipkart app with cash on

    delivery option to increase your odds of getting this handset. Will soon

    put up a legitimate unbiased review of this handset once I get my

    delivery. I smell a conspiracy in how flipkart and xiaomi are handling

    their customers. These companies are just creating a hype and cheap

    disruptive publicity by creating false scarcity and manipulating the

    sale stastistics. Actual units of product sold are very less.., too bad

    flipkart, nevertheless, Best of luck for the next sale..!!!

  5. I was equally disappointed on the first day of sale on 22……I was logged in hours earlier today; faced similar messages on FlipKart toady…
    “not registered”, “”Something went wrong, Try again”, “out-of-stock”, etc. However I was able to successfully add one phone to cart. Bless India, power went off just when I was going through the payment. I immediately completed rest of the transaction through my phone (on 3G).

    My NetBanking password didn’t work, had to use a CCard…..its really strange that after all the odds transaction went through successfully.

    That said, I agree that flipkart should have managed the show better.

    God knows when flipkart is gonna launch accessories !!

  6. alkatel or huawei or zenphone are better, better to nuy from them,sale iski rah kab tak dekhe. company sale bhi nahi thik se karti to service ka kya hoga?

  7. on opening with 2 ids … 2seconds before it is saying out of stock in one id ..and countdown 3..2..1 is going on in other id

  8. WTF again. I think flipkart is playing kind of game to indian customer. If they don,t have enough stock why the hell they are selling only few products. We need to be carefull.

  9. the trick of keeping system time ahead of actual time is not true and misleading i also got the message that u have not registered for sale later it told that item is out of stock all sold
    i think they r creating a pseudo hype and trying to gether advertisment revenue as maximum nos of useres are viewing the flipkart page or they are incapable of catering to the indian market demands
    well in the end we should remember that its a chinese company


    1. B K CHOUBEY you do realize that none of the phones are manufactured in India right? It’s ok to be Indian, however India does not yet have the capability for you to buy Indian…

  11. the best method is to keep your time in correct synchronization with the server time of flipkart that’s it (by all means synchronize your system time to internet time) if this fails then fuck flipkart. :p they can’t even replace the damaged products read reviews for mi3 and :P clear logic if they got 40000 phones why not sell them all at once if 1,00,000 users were logged in at once that means 40000 phones might have already been sold (and this excludes the flipkart first subscriber scam).

    i would say upgrade your pc/else buy a pc.
    shut the fuck up and use a phone like Micromax x103
    (Dual sim + 1800mah battery which lasts 7days+)
    4gb expandable with ear phones and 1year warranty

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