Google is making a massive entry into the gaming industry. After being a neglected gaming company of sorts despite such massive internet dominance, Google has today announced ‘Stadia’, which — true its name– is the search giant’s stadium-ish entry into the gaming sphere. The announcement came in at GDC.

With Stadia, Google now allows virtually any gamer to play from whatever device they have without the need for those multi-core expensive GPUs. According to the company, all that you would need is a Chrome browser and a solid internet connection. Stadia will take care of the rest.

At launch Stadia will support 4K at 60fps with surround sound and HDR. But Google isn’t stopping there. The company says that its working on a 8K 120fps support in “the future.” However, do note that latency numbers aren’t out yet. With a service that is dependent entirely on internet and virtual GPUs, latency ranges are an extremely important factor. Those ranges will only come out once gamers start testing this post launch.

Google trying its hand big at gaming isn’t a surprise though. More recently, the company launched a new ‘Project Stream’. The pilot project allowed gamers to stream gameplay of Assassins Creed Odyssey in their internet browser at 1080p in 60fps.

The hardware is powered by AMD. Google and AMD have teamed up to create a custom GPU to support Stadia. And in terms of pure numbers, Stadia demolishes Xbox One X and PS4 Pro by miles. Stadia delivers a humongous 10.7 GPU teraflops, dwarfing what the other two popular services have to offer.

The company has not offered any launch dates yet. However, we hear that there will be more info coming out on the upcoming I/O developer conference. So, stay tuned!

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