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eCommerce giant Amazon is known for trying its luck at manufacturing devices. Whether it is the fire tablets, or the Kindle series. However, the company’s Alexa-powered smart speakers have been an unprecedented hit, and have netted the firm tens of millions of dollars in revenue.

The company has no announced a brand-new, red variant of the second-generation Echo device. The smart speaker has this unique red color so as to support Amazon’s humanitarian efforts to combat HIV / AIDS. What’s more, the company will be donating $10 to charity for each red Echo sold.

The red Echo is expected to hit retail shelves for $99.99. While it will officially launch on the 5th of December, you can pre-order the device today. If you have no scruples with waiting for a couple of weeks or so, Amazon will sell the same speaker for as low as $69, come Black Friday. Facebook will donate $10 to charity, regardless of the price the Red Echo is sold for.

Meanwhile, Amazon is not the only company launching special colored products to support charity. Apple sort-of was the first major company to bring this trend into vogue, by selling limited edition red iPhones 7 and 8. Initiatives like this are win-win, as the buyer gets his or her hands on a unique product, whereas the company generates revenue while also supporting charities.

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