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Paytm adds a new Spam Free SMS Inbox to Paytm Inbox

In the company’s continued bid to make its ‘Paytm Inbox’ product within the app a more preferred choice for consumers, Paytm is today announcing the addition of “Spam Proof” SMS Inbox feature to the same product line.

According to an official post by the company, this new addition uses proprietary Machine Learning algorithms to classify SMS into Personal, Transactional & Promotional categories, offering a clutter-free experience. This SMS categorisation is done locally on your device by the Paytm app after you give an explicit consent to avail this service.

Once activated, the app will inform you about the various classifications of the SMS categories and their utility value. You can also choose to delete one or several threads, re-classify SMS and mark SMS as read/unread. The ML engine then kicks in and remembers your inputs and updates itself accordingly to customize its detection patterns and enhance user experience while removing the need to have a dedicated standalone SMS spam protection app on your phone.

The feature is already live and can be accessed through an easy update of the app via any of the app stores.

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