Twitch is working hard to ramp up the ensemble of content it offers through its platform. The company has just started monetizing in earnest and it probably wants to ensure that it stocks up for original content on its platform. This could be in part because most of Twitch’s monetization strategies are centered around and based upon more visitors.

With this partnership, Twitch will have a veritable host of export tournaments for visitors. Thanks to Blizzard, titles like Overwatch, World of Warcraft and StarCraft will be hosted on the platform. Events on the other hand include, Heroes of the Storm Global Championship, StarCraft II World Championship Series, Hearthstone Global Games, World of Warcraft Arena Championship and the Overwatch Premier Series.

Impressed? Well, this isn’t even the full roster yet and there are more events in the bag. E-sports tournaments have certainly gone up of late with viewer-ship up by almost 90 percent in 2016.  As of the last count, these tournaments had been watched by over 320 million people across the globe.

Twitch prime members will also receive special in-game items and special discounts on Blizzard games. This also extends to you if you are Amazon’s regular Prime subscription as it automatically packs a Twitch Prime membership. In Overwatch for instance, you will get a:

golden loot box” in Overwatch, which will include a number of in-game items as well as at least one legendary item.

Twitch’s attempts to make its service more attractive can also be seen as an attempt to stay competitive in face of constant opposition from YouTube  and other game streaming platforms.

The service currently has 10o  million users watching content every month. Of these, Twitch said that almost half spent over 20 hours per week! These are both huge numbers and bode well for the platform’s future — provided it an keep upthe steam.

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