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After losing a couple of top employees to Google and Facebook respectively, Apple has apparently gained a new employee of its own from YouTube. The company has hired a former YouTube employee to spearhead its social and video efforts.

Apple has reportedly hired Vijay Karunamurthy. Karunamurthy had worked on early versions of the video platform and later found “Nom”, an app for foodies. Apple has not acquired Nom though and the company has just hired its founder. Although, we have no idea whether or not, any other Nom employees will be joining Apple.

The app was backed by actor and musician Jared Leto, as well as PSY — you know, the guy who brought Gangnam Style into fashion.

Meanwhile, Apple has been leaking a lot of employees of late. First up, the company lost its chief architect of chip to Google. This was followed by Rushin Shah’s exit from the company. Shah has been hired by Facebook and will be helping the social networking platform integrate machine learning into its products.

It will be interesting to see what kind of job Karunamurthy finds on his hands at Apple. The Cupertino giant already has a pretty good video team, as evinced by the iPhone advertisements we have been seeing floating all around the place lately. Considering his experience with YouTube, he could well be called upon to take up a similar assignment at Apple.

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