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Cab aggregator Uber could be in advanced stages of acquiring technology and workforce off on-demand valet service Luxe.

The news has been confirmed by the The Wall Street Journal, although the terms of the deal still appear to be in the middle of being hammered out.

Apart from its on-demand valet service, Luxe had also been working upon a short term car rental series. Now though, it will be interesting to see if the company goes through with its plans even when its tech and at least some workforce have been assimilated by Uber. The cab aggregator is said to be interviewing engineers to decide which ones it wants to hire as its own.

What we do know, is that CEO Curtis Lee will not be joining Uber. While Luxe’s door-to-door valet service may be gone, the brand is still there and Lee would be expected to rebuild something out of it after a pivot.

The company shouldn’t have a shortage of funds along its mission considering that even apart from whatever it receives from Uber under the terms of the deal, Luxe has raised well over $75 million of funding.

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