The Asus Zenfone AR is a pretty cool device. I mean sure, I can’t speak from first hand experience, but the kind of stuff we have been hearing about, make the Zenfone AR one of the most eagerly anticipated devices of the year. The device will support Daydream, and is also only the second deice to also support Google’s project Tango. Asus has revealed that the device will be coming to the US in July. However, it will be made available exclusively though Verizon.

Tango doesn’t exactly have a huge roster of apps available as such. There are around 100 or so apps available on th Tango platform. However, not all of them are supported by smartphones. The Zenfone AR however, already supports over 50 plus applications. What’s more, as the roster of AR applications on Tango grows, the Zenfone AR devices is expected to keep adding more apps to the list it supports as well.

The device sports a Snapdragon 821 horsepower chipset, which means that it is highly optimized for AR. In case you are wondering how the optimization works, the Hexagon 680 digital processor inside the device now runs at top speed thanks to state of the art code. And of course, even the lower end version of the device packs 6 GB of RAM, while the higher end variant has 8 GB. So that means there is RAM and to spare to run AR applications.

As for how much the device will cost, we merely know that it will require you to shell out less than a Samsung Galaxy S8. We will keep digging for more details and let you know as and when more things come to the surface.

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