Google ha announced several major updates to it Firebase app platform that will allow for some serious improvements to the service in the near future. Google made the announcement while also remarking that so far, over a million developers had created projects of their own with the Firebase platform.

Speaking at its I/O event, Google said that it was finally going to start integrating elements of the Fabric developer platform it acquired from Twitter earlier in the year, to Firebase. For instance, Fabric’s main product Crashlytics will now become the main crash reporting tool for Firebase as well. Devs will also be able to use a phone authentication service that is based upon the Fabric Digit Authentication. Although, the Fabric in the name is getting swapped out with a Firebase.

The updated Firebase service also offers a slew of analytics and monitoring features. The company is going for a re-branding drive that will see Firebase Analytics become Google Analytics for Firebase. And the company will be working in close conjunction with the team behind Google Analytics so that reports are made available in both Firebase and Google Analytics.

Firebase has introduced enhanced support for Apple’s Swift language in the Firebase SDKs. It also brought in some new performance-monitoring features along with open sourcing its SDKs.

Also announced was a deepr integration with AdMob, that will have the in-app ad service share data with Firebase analytics. And, developers will be able to define up to 50 event parameters and then see them in their analytics reports.

In a similar vein, Firebase’s hosting service which mostly offered support for static pages, is getting an integration with cloud functions that will let developers do stuff like sending notifications when a new user signs up, or create thumbnails in varying resolutions for an image uploaded by someone.

Finally, there is a new Alpha program for devs who want an early access to Firebase features. This will introduce most of the in-testing stuff available to developers so that they can work together with the Firebase team to suggest and implement developments.

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