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Google’s I/O conference has been full of all sorts of exciting announcement. Along the same, the company has teased that it will soon commence work on some new Daydream all-in-one virtual reality headsets in partnership with HTC and Lenovo. The headsets are slated for release later in the year.

So why is everything so worked up about mere VR headsets? After all, there are plenty of those out there already. Well, these upcoming headsets are said to come equipped with state of the art positional tracking which will allow the hardware to gauge the headset’s position with respect to the space around it.

So basically, the tracking system — which is being developed in collaboration with Qualcomm — has 6 degrees of freedom to allow the user to move about and take his/her VR experience to the next level.

Google will not be building these headsets itself. Instead, it will be relying on hardware partners to do the heavy lifting. And that is exactly where HTC and Lenovo come in. The all-in-one headset will require neither a phone nor a PC to operate and combined with the six degrees of freedom, this could well enable it to give users a first of its kind VR experience.

HTC with its Vive headsets is of course an obvious choice as an OEM partner. The company was said to be working on further evolving its Vie headset and this collaboration with Google could provide it with the opportunity.

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