Google had launched Android Device Manager App way back in 2013 that enables users to track lost or stolen Android devices. The device tracking software has hardly witnessed any new updates in the past few years, the last one being in 2015.

Not only has it been renamed to Find My Device, the 2.0 version displays several improvements in terms of design. The fresh user interface shows which devices on your Google account are available to find on top, instead of the drop down icons. However, the standard functionalities remain same, it still locates your phones, gives them audio queues, shows a message on them and remotely locks or erases its content. Although, it has added information about the current battery level and WiFi network connection.

The update came on the first day of Google I/O, and more details are expected to revealed soon during the event. The app has become a part of the Google Play Protect service, which was mentioned yesterday in the event. Google’s changelog states bug fixes and performance improvements, whereas the app’s page on Play Store has been updated with images.

Also, one of the interesting change that comes with the redesigned app, is its new icon, which seems pretty modernized when compared to the previous one. The app is available to download on Google Play Store, here’s the link.

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