We have been making the most of the different options of inputting our commands, with regards to smartphones. First there were keys, then there was a touchscreen and now — now we seem to have arrived upon the age of squeezable frames. HTC’s 2017 flagship is coming with a new squeeze all you want feature, that will actually allow you to ask your smartphone to do different things – based upon the intensity of your squeeze.

HTC has been making reference to this feature over the past month or so. And hacker Evan Blass has bought a more detailed look to the HTC Ocean as well.

And then:

As you can see, quite a lot is happening through the rame of the device. Without even  needing to even go to the screen.

The input method is kind of like Force-touch, except that here it is Force-Squeeze. The device is capable of detecting the different intensities of pressure that you are applying and act accordingly. So for instance, a light squeeze and you have the camera open and another one, just a tad harder to capture an image.

Users are expected to be able to program all the different actions corresponding to the different intensities of squeezes — through an app that HTC will release after the launch of the feature.

The fact that the frame is non-touch means that HTC has been able to offer all the usual, power and volume buttons to the sides.

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