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Everyone is waiting for Apple to launch its iPhone 8. The devices come at an important moment in the company’s history and from what we have gathered so far, Apple is doing its best to create truly memorable devices. Expected to pack a ton of state-of-art features, the iPhone 8 is not going to be cheap. And according to analysts, you may have to shell out at least $1000 to call them your own.

Goldman Sachs analyst Simona Jankowski has issued a new research note to investors. In the note, she stipulates that the iPhone 8 will cost between $999 and $1099.

According to Jankowski, while the 128 GB model will require users to shell out $999, the 256 GB model could carry a price tag heavier by a hundred dollars. This would make the iPhone 8 Apple’s most expensive offering ever. The iPhone 7 Plus holds this titles at present and costs around $969 for its 256 GB variant.

Apart from the selling price, the research note also comments on the features that could form part of the upcoming iPhones. Along with OLED display and 3-D sensors, the devices are also expected to pack augmented reality tech.

Jankowski also said that Apple’s average iPhone selling will increase to $763 during fiscal 2018. In contrast, Wall Street estimates that Apple’s average selling price will be $675.

The first $1,000 iPhone can drive meaningful upside. The bottom line is that we are raising our FY18/19 EPS estimates further above consensus.

She added:

We think the higher demand for the larger (5.8″) form factor will be supported by the fact that the iPhone 8 will have compelling new features not available in the smaller form factors.

She further said that AAPL stock will rise to $170 from the initial estimates of $164 and that the company could sell as many as 243 million units in fiscal 2018. That is a huge number and if the Cupertino giant does manage to offload this many devices, it could well become a trillion dollar company sooner than we expect it to.

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