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Microsoft is a really nice company. Along with giving us the bare essential tools to make our personal and professional lives successful, the company also drops in some seriously amazing tools from time to time. Take the Windows Story Remix it just announced at the Build 2017 for instance. The app deploys machine learning to ensure that your videos and pictures are as fantastic as possible.

So, companies have been demoing these sort of apps from time to time, Microsoft is certainly not the first. However, the results that the company showed off at its event today were pretty damn impressive and if the results from the actual app are anything like this app — well, Microsoft may just have a winner on its hands.

So here is how stuff works: You give the app all the videos and pictures you want it to work with, you can also throw in a soundtrack or two if you want it to put those in and then sit back and relax as it works its magic.

The tool looks for scenes that has people moving around and smiling a lot and then uses those. What’s more, if you want a particular person to be limelighted through out the video (say you are creating a presentation for someone’s birthday), you can chose them and the app will do its best to keep them front and center.

Also, if a whole bunch of people have shot the same event from different angles, the app does its best to ensure that all of these videos are combined together into a cohesive whole. Also, since all the videos and pictures are automatically tagged, you can also search for people and things within the pictures.

You can also use the surface pen to write on top of a video, which is pretty interesting. However, it gets even better when I tell you that you can then anchor that text to a particular person and it will stay in its place as the video progresses. You can also do the same magic with objects — for instance, anchoring a fireball to a soccer so that a normal game turns into one of Shaolin Soccer.  Finally, you can share your creations all across the web from within the app.

Excited already? Well, you will have to wait for a few months as Story Remix will launch with the Windows 10 Fall Creators update and will likely reach your computer after September.

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