Apple today has announced a fresh initiative targeting the expansion of the educational programs and training sessions in its stores. The initiative has been named as “Today at Apple.” All of Apple’s 495 stores spread worldwide will now be added with a dozens of educational sessions which will provide the users with effective knowledge ranging from the basics of operating Apple hardware and software to the advanced techniques.

Apple’s senior vice president of Retail, Angela Ahrendts told in today’s conference that the primary aim of “Today at Apple” is to widen the reach of education and to make it more community-based. He also referred the Apple stores as  “modern-day town squares.”

Previously, the Apple sessions were more about acquainting the users with the apps and devices, but now, the new program will offer them more than 60 programs, mainly to target the creative people and the youth, by laying more emphasis on things like art, design, music, and photography.

The basic programs will continue to exist, but will now be expanded via “How To” sessions which will give a deeper look into the topic. For instance, photographers may now also learn to shoot photos, editing and organizing them.

Few of the sessions, like like “Photo Walks” and “Sketch Walks” were previously only piloted  Apple Union Square and Apple Williamsburg, but they are now being brought out of there and will now be available at all the stores.

Photo Walks is aimed at more experienced photographers and will take the students outside the store premise in order to teach them how to take better pictures with their device. The Sketch Walks will also ask the students to leave the buildings, but will maintain its focus on observational drawing rather than use of brushes or mixture off colors.

This program will further extend to providing information about lights and shadows, drawing and capturing portraits etc.

The Cupertino giant is also expanding its kids lineup of programs. While it previously offered summer programs like Apple Camp and on-demand sessions called Field Trips, it is now planning to host a weekly Kids Hour, mainly aimed at bringing parents and kids together. The sessions will be inclined towards the interest of kids, like, like creating music in GarageBand, making movies in iMovie, or coding Sphero robots.

The company said that swift training classes will also be available at all stores.

Some other programs, such as Business Circuits will aim towards connecting business owners with developers.“Perspectives and Performances” sessions will introduce eminent artists, musicians and photographers and ask them to speak in front of the audience or show some live performances.

Though nothing has been said regarding which store will be the first ones to inaugurate all these sessions, it is anticipated that the programs will initially be launched at  Apple Union Square, Williamsburg, SoHo, Regent Street (London) and the Dubai Mall stores.

Most of these sessions (except for those being conducted by area artists) will be administered by Apple’s staff itseld, who will be called as “Creative Pros.” Apple is not necessarily hiring new staffs for these roles now, as much of the hiring has already been done. Creative Pros will have a specific area of expertise like art, craft, photography, music or design.

Customers may sign up for the free classes through the Apple Store App or website. The attendance will be granted on the basis of availability of seats in the session.

This expanded lineup will be readily available in May.

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