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Google is really trying to turn its Maps service into a one-size fits all kind of thing. There is literally a lot that you can now do from right within the mapping application and the company is now adding to those capabilities even further. Google has added a new feature that will not only let users remember where they have parked, but will also remind them of the time they have left on the meter.

The company has added a brand new option wherein you can tap the blue icon on the map and place a ‘P’ there to denote that you have parked your vehicle here. Google is not the first one to allow users the ability to mark their vehicle location through, and Apple has akways taken the location of your car down when you disconnect your iPhone from Bluetooth or CarPlay. In case neither is connected in the first place, it allows you to mark your location with a “Mark Location” feature.

Google is doing something similar only it approach is slightly more detailed. After putting in the address of the place you are parking your car at, users can also add adding multiple photos of their parking location. How this helps? Depending upon your level of forgetfulness, you can take pictures of the parking space number in the garage, the floor, row, aisle and/or color code for the garage level itself — all through pictures.

Also, depending upon whether you are at a parking that charges by the hour or so, Google will also let you input the amount of time you have left while at the parking location itself. So say you have taken up tickets for a two-hour party, you can do so through Google Maps, which will display the time left on the map and alert you via push notification when it starts to run out.

You can also use the feature to save parking spots. Sweet. right?

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