Wikileaks has just published a whole bunch of documents in which it claims to outline CIA’s hacking methodologies. The documents, which have reached the organization’ website under the category name Vault 7, are said to include over 7,000 files and yet, Wikileaks has promised more soon.

According to the documents inside Vault 7, the CIA was able to hack iOS and Android smartphones in a multitude of ways, What’s more, a program called ‘Weeping Angel’ let CIA operatives listen in on citizens using the microphones of their Smart TVs.

Coming from anyone else, such claims would be instantly shouted down as ridiculous and maybe even delusional., However, it is Wikileaks we are talking about here. The organization has built quite a fearsome reputation for itself over the course of the years. The Vault 7 documents could very well be real and contain documents that are in fact relevant to the CIA.

Meanwhile, the data dump also questions the vast and sweeping powers possessed by the US spy agency. Breaking into smartphones? listening in from the television? Well, I am quite sure no one is going to like this kind of intrusiveness into their personal lives, national security quite apart.

After all, the cast majority of citizens are innocent and these tactics, even when used under the guise of national security, violate the right to privacy of a huge number of US citizens — who are probably not going to be all to happy about this piece of news.

As far as the intent of the leak is concerned, Wikileaks said that it wanted to spark off a public debate over the matter.

The source wishes to initiate a public debate about the security, creation, use, proliferation and democratic control of cyberweapons.

Although, the source could also be the person/people who have provided Wikileaks with these documents. Meanwhile, with President Trump — who doesn’t pay particular attention to mainstream media let alone websites –in the White House, chances of anything major happening to change the status quo is pretty low.

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