As we draw closer to the year’s biggest smartphone event, MWC, we are bound to have a close eye on happenings around influential smartphone brands in the market. One such name is Chinese hardware maker Oppo, who is well-known for its phone’s photography experience. Playing its triumph card once again, the company has revealed plans of introducing a new ‘5x’ smartphone photography technology at their launch event in Barcelona.

Oppo not only peaked to the top in terms of smartphone sales in China last year but also accounted for the second spot in India’s offline smartphone market. Though the company has no phones to debut this year, the company has played it smart and plans to discuss the underlying technology for its future devices. According to Oppo executives, the new ‘5x’ smartphone photography tech is capable of capturing high-quality detailed images.

The Chinese giant seems to hold on to its forte and will equip its upcoming phones with the said technology. The ‘5x’ technology will allow users to shoot selfies with enhanced background details and will aid in high-resolution image processing. Along with revealing the latest tech on February 27 in Barcelona, the company will also be promoting its social properties. The news was validated through the invites company shipped off recently.

Commenting on the same, Sky Li, VP of Oppo and MD of International Mobile Business and President of Oppo India, said,

This remarkable achievement is the result of an extensive, year-long R&D process, combined with Oppo’s unparalleled expertise in smartphone imaging technology. We chose MWC to unveil the ‘5x’ technology with the belief that we can inspire the industry to aim higher, and continue to create pioneering products that give amazing experiences to consumers.

At the last year show, Oppo unveiled its battery technology which gained it massive appreciation and it seems to have channelized the same tactics this year as well. The battery tech called Super VOOC Flash Charge battery technology was an upgrade over VOOC Flash Charge technology. It is capable of charging a 2500mAh battery from 0 to 100 percent in 15 minutes flat.

It is still unclear how advanced the photography system ‘5x’ is or is it just an optical zoom feature. The details of the same will be out only at the much-awaited smartphone fiesta.

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