Mobile application analytics provider AdGyde makes tools that are helpful in managing and operating mobile apps available to the developers. The company assembles application data and sends filtered data back to the server. Its data processing system processes this data and generates reports that enable developers to better their app experience.

AdGyde Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a joint venture of MoMagic Technologies Private Ltd. and Spice Digital Ltd., building analytics based solutions for device companies.

Arun Gupta, Former director MediaTek and present Director for Mo Magic announced AdGyde’s launch at PitchOff Season 4 in the Pink City of Jaipur. Arun started off by stating market hurdles young companies and early ventures have to face. Talking about the same, he said that the market is currently stuck at a very nascent stage. The users now prefer quality over quantity and have lost faith in inflated numbers the companies provide.

Every app-based company nowadays focus on introducing new features for the users. Speaking about the numbers, the ecosystem has recorded more than 400 million impressions on smartphones along with 300 million feature phone integrations. Due to the same, the company believes that there is a vast growth potential present in the market and plans to operate aggressively in the coming years.

Arun Gupta not only debuted the product at our flagship event but further stated,

App analytics will help all of us to get the right app and help app developers get the right audience.

Prior to releasing the platform, AdGyde had been working with their app developer team for the last six years. The company proposes to help developers test their apps by using distribution channels, which outputs an unique way of connecting users and app developers in the best way possible. Gupta further feels there is a massive innovation gap in the country and AdGyde will attempt towards filling the gap.

Arun along with Manish started the development of AdGyde in 2016. The company commenced business with Spice Digital to bring handset and operator knowledge from the mobile handset makers. The company believes that we need to bring in employees who know the in and out of both hardware and software. And the partnerships they’ve signed is helping them bring their expertise to the product — AdGyde.

Commenting on the uniqueness of the app, Gupta desribed the app as under,

One, you can improve the product quality, it helps you understand when and where you’re the losing users. It can help them measure which distribution channel (ways of adding users) will fetch them more users.

AdGyde has noteworthy features that include campaign tracking, i.e. which allows you to keep track of all your campaigns across Ad networks and advertisers. You can get detailed data for installs, in-app events in-app purchases revenues. It supports CPI, CPC, CPA models for Ad marketers.

AdGyde’s SDK offers server to server post back URL, i.e., way to track conversions without the necessity to modify the thank you or confirmation page. This is possible for every single new Install and In-app Events. This notifies the app owner of each organic and inorganic app download.

The company enables you to perform cohort analysis. You can study the channel performance and segregate data for specified targeting by filtering through applications, campaign dates, media source, geo-locations and the generated revenues.

With AdGyde SDK you can review performance by channel and geo-location. You have the provision to choose and track a user cohort. It helps you to monitor user flow pattern enabling you to predict the most popular activity in your application, increase conversions and lessen the bounce rate by studying the data.

AdGyde helps you to escalate the app installs simultaneously maintaining a CPI within your target range. You can include In-App events to sell additional features or content and integrate your ads to monetize your app, add banners into your app’s user flow, between levels, at the bottom of an activity or on the home screen.

App marketer can input cost value, put an in-app purchase event on purchase screen and create a deep link to that screen. User clicks on tracking link to make that purchase and captures the revenue details against it. Explaining their product further, Gupta said,

Taking the example of indie game. We provide the developers with tools in isolation so they do not have access to their competitors data. And one can always use distribution channels to test their apps.

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