Food discovery platform Zomato has now joined hands with Microsoft’s Bing search engine, thus, making it easier for food junkies to hunt for eateries. Zomato, as we all know, provides you real-time reviews, ratings, directions, travel time and other consumer-specific details. Moreover, it allows you to apply search filters helping you find a perfect place to dine-in.

This latest partnership with Bing allows users to view latest ratings and reviews, right within search results. The reviews are contributed by food critics or recent visitors of the food giant. Bing now even provides a quick link to easily access all reviews. As soon as the user will search for a food provider, Bing will display the images of dishes in the menu. Pictures of the indoors and ambiance of the place will also be shown in a collage format at the side of the ratings.

The images have been put up by Bing so as to provide a clear picture of the place before a customer sets off for a visit to one of them. Food menus of restaurants and eateries are also available dorevtly on Bing itself. This will help you decide what to eat while you are on the road. It will also show specialties for the place along with their user reviews.

Further, if you’re in a hurry, you even have the option to order meals online using Bing. Users can even order food from the comfort of their homes. They can place their food order online on Zomato from Bing and get it delivered at their doorstep. A user can even track the order using Zomato’s delivery services.

Apart from images and menus, Bing will further show the working hours for each eatery. It will also provide contact details for the place to add to your convenience. The unity of these two platforms will, hence, simplify the food hunting process for a user. But, it is surely nothing new as Google already counts food delivery giants like Zomato and Swiggy as its prominent partners. Google is known to show necessary data from each of these respective platforms at the top of search results.

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