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Elon Musk-backed Tesla Inc. (recent name change from Tesla Motors Inc.) showed off its affordable production vehicle — Model 3 last year. This $35,000 electric sedan captured everyone’s interest in a moment’s time and has amassed over 400k reservations. But, those waiting in line to receive the Model 3 this year might be disappointed with the power packed within their vehicles.

During its launch back in May, Tesla mentioned that Model 3’s base variant will go from 0-60 in under 6 seconds. And also, that the vehicle will be able to reach an estimated range of at least 215 miles. But, higher variants of the Model 3 will feature more mileage and acceleration.

The currently available Model X 100D and Model S 100D have an estimated range of around 295 miles and 335 miles respectively. But, we are talking about the variants that include a 100kWh battery pack, but that wouldn’t be the case with Model 3. The said revelation has been made by Tesla CEO Elon Musk through his Twitter while replying to an inquisitive customer.

Talking about this, Musk has confirmed our doubts saying that the Model 3 won’t include a 100 kWh battery pack. The reason for the same is being cited as a smaller wheelbase — the lower part of the vehicle which holds the batteries. The Model 3 might’ve been optimally designed to be affordable but it compromises on the wheelbase size. It’s too small to hold a massive 100 kWh battery.

Further, it has also been confirmed in another tweet that Musk has no plans to increase the power capacity of all three Tesla models. But, it included hints about battery requirements for heavy-duty electric vehicles. Musk said that Tesla semi-trucks will definitely include battery packs larger than 100kWh. And there is also the possibility of pick-up trucks going above the said limit as well.

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