PlayStation 4 today sees the release of its highly anticipated exclusive title, Nioh. The Dark Souls-inspired action adventure role-playing game has every fan of the said series brimming with excitement, but this excitement is only limited to the fans who own a PS4.

If you’re one of those hardcore gamers who love a serious challenge then safe to say at this point, Team Ninja’s latest work won’t disappoint you the slightest. This monster slashing samurai-based title is packed with 100+ hours of gameplay content to satisfy your inner role player.

This game is set in the early 1600’s Japan where you’ll be playing the role of William, a caucasian samurai with a dark past. In broad strokes, the mechanics tend to appear very similar to that of Dark Souls. You hack and slash your way past a seemingly large variety of enemies with distinct move sets to keep away any sort of repetitive feelings. As is the case in Dark Souls, you need to pay close attention to your stamina meter along with the enemies in Nioh as well.

For all intents and purposes, the art and music direction of the game tends to set itself apart from Dark Souls, and that is purely based on a personal point of view. All in all, Team Ninja has a keeper on its hands and they ought to work on making it more replayable by rolling out quality DLC on a regular basis.

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