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We have our eyes set on LG’s upcoming flagship device, the G6 and the rumor mill is going berserk with leaks. The Korean giant has already confirmed its presence at MWC with the launch event scheduled for February 26. Till now, we are completely certain about a few features including a dual camera and a near bezel-free display. Though we are sure that the phone will be an unibody construction, but leaks suggesting the possibility of swappable back covers is now brewing up.

While some reports suggest a plastic back for the device, other recent reveals are pointing towards a metallic matte finish on the rear. Both the leaks present LG G6 with identical hardware features, with the only difference lies in the rear part of the device. Thus, it inclines our thoughts only to a single conclusion — LG G6 might offer a ‘swappable rear panel’.


The LG G6 might allow users to switch between multiple back covers, but we only have knowledge of the existence of a shiny black plastic cover and a silver matte finish one as of now. Though we’re still not sure about an interchangeable rear, it will surely create some buzz due to some existence of modularity in the device. It might not be similar to those swappable modules launched along with the G5, but it is definitely something.

Moreover, the smartphone will feature polished chamfer all around the edges, packed with a USB Type-C port and speaker grill on the bottom. The audio jack for the device has also been shifted from its original position and will now make an appearance at the top.

As the company was unable to secure attention with its removable battery and modular components from technology enthusiasts; the company might have placed its bet on a swappable panel. As for the functionality concerns, the panel might work as a slip-on cover offering a much-needed protection for the phone.

The final specs for the device will only be sealed at the Mobile World Congress on February 26, when LG takes the wraps off of the G6!!

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