Google has aggressively been pushing the boundaries of its virtual reality platform since last year. It released a Tilt Brush tool to enable you to scribble and get creative in the virtual world. But if that didn’t suffice your cravings, then the tech behemoth is today introducing a set of tools to help bring those VR sketches to other projects.

Called Tilt Brush Toolkit, it is an open-source library to help bring their virtual imaginations to other real-world projects. This will enable an artist to contribute massively to a developer’s arsenal of tools. You will now be able to visualize your ideas in VR and then port them to other projects. The official blog post reads as under,

With the toolkit, the next generation of artists can create narrative, interactive, and immersive content using Tilt Brush sketches.

The said toolkit, which is now available on Github, makes use of one of the most fun and useful VR app and converts it into a developers wet dream. They’ll now be able to extract .tilt files and utilize them in various creative ways. They could especially employ these creations in the development of other apps, not especially in VR. Here’s a brief look at what’s possible:

Further, Google mentions that the Tilt Brush toolkit has been launched along with handy Python scripts and a Unity SDK. The company has shared their collection of brush shaders, audio reactive code, and a streamlined Unity import pipeline as well. The integration of the latter, i.e the Unity game design toolset, is a prominent addition to the open-source toolkit.

The addition of Unity Engine enables a developer to use this cross-platform tool to create “movies, interactive stories, video games, music videos, or other projects.” And that’s not it. You can even create other wild-looking first person shooters, endless running games with it as well. In short, this toolkit presents everyone with a bridge between the real and virtual world. And we’re hoping to see virtually sketched art to be used in upcoming creations soon.

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