While we’ve been insistently waiting for LG’s next flagship smartphone, the South Korean giant has today confirmed that it will the G6 at the upcoming MWC conference in Barcelona. The Mobile World Congress is scheduled to be held from February 27 to March 2.

The company has dropped a 40-second teaser on YouTube, which shows certain individuals being questioned about their ideal smartphone. These people comment on prominent features, such as a large screen, water resistance, on-hand usability, comfortable to handle. It should also be portable, reliable and capture the attention of all at once. All these features are then highlighted inside the silhouette of a phone.

This video teaser ends with an expected caption, reading ‘February 2017.’ This coincides with the aforementioned dates for the largest mobile conference and has been confirmed by an LG spokesperson. But most of the specifications and features of the G6 are still under wraps.

The company has only announced that its next flagship smartphone will host a new 5.7 inches display along with a surprising aspect ratio of 18:9 and a QHD+ resolution. This new LCD screen will be manufactured by LG Display and is aimed at providing users with a better screen to body ratio. This further points towards the G6 shedding the bezel and introduce curved edges, following pursuit to the Xiaomi Mi Mix.

In addition, there have been speculations that LG is also moving past its modular strategy which debuted with the G5. The removable battery and modular components concept didn’t receive much attention from technology enthusiasts. The phone, thus, didn’t witness many buyers for its flagship smartphone. It will potentially be closer in design and functionality to the V20 — which was the first Android Nougat device.

Post the unveiling at MWC, LG plans to start shipping its devices by the second week of March. There is currently no word on the worldwide release of the G6. But certain sources suggest that the smartphone will roll out on March 10 in Korea. LG is evidently stuck on releasing their flagship device to the market before the Galaxy S8 to boost sales and cut competition. Thus, it is cutting down on the go-to-market period to create a buzz in the earlier days.

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