With yet another successful edition of Pre-Pitch Off, held on December 17, 2016, at The NASSCOM Startup Warehouse Kolkata, the event witnessed 10 tech startups shortlisted out of a proficient pool who showed their fiber in a closed-room pitching session within a crisp timeline of 120 seconds.

The judging panel consisted of Mr. Rajesh Singhal, Assistant Vice President at Bennet Coleman and Mr. Suyash Borar, Director at Xceptional Health and Wellness. Both of these industry stalwarts tested startups’ cores and strengths in the Q&A session and shared their insights on the same.

The Kolkata edition saw the most rigorous and heated questioning by the panel out of all the editions. This edition also saw the most number of live views, 5,500 and counting. The judging panel after an interactive session and much deliberation selected Trendie App and I & We Engagements as the startups who would be getting a direct entry to the global event in Jaipur on February 18, 2017.

TrendieApp is a User Engagement Platform. An app is a place where people can take and share photos of their experiences/moments with a Brand’s service/product in form of photos/selfies. Every photo being shared on social media gets brand filter added on top of it making it a branded content. Users get rewarded every time they share a photo as being a brand endorser and in return brands get valuable customer insight data with word of mouth marketing across their friend’s network on social media.

I & We Engagements develops skills across the education spectrum by, industries ,alignin’ industries, placements, entrepreneurial leveraging , productizing, patenting ideas & prototypes – on college level, and
innovation, recognition & acute understanding of domains catered on school level, through a module of 32 days education experience workshops combining physical and digital education.

If you missed our Live Stream of the event, catch it now:

#PitchOff goes live from #NASSCOM 10000 Startups Warehouse, Kolkata

Posted by The Tech Portal on Saturday, December 17, 2016

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