After a long.. LOOOONG wait of over a decade, Final Fantasy XV(or shall i say Versus XIII) has finally released today, Square Enix must be in a state of eternal relief at this point. And as Sony puts it, what better way to celebrate this gaming milestone than to purchase a FFXV themed Walkman. A tiny tribute from sony for franchise that dates back to the 1980’s. Marketing now a days huh..

This Final Fantasy XV Walkman is merely the latest blimp in the full blown marketing freight train that Square Enix has been running ever since the game’s first official reveal during last years E3 2015. This freight train has included overblown strategies such as the revered $470,000 branded version of the Audi R8. Thats right, a video game branded luxury car. If you’re a die hard fan of the franchise with unnecessary amounts of money lying around, i’d suggest you NOT go for it and instead donate that money to a charity.

The walkman on the other hand is just slightly lower in price compared to the R8, at about $300, somewhat easier on the pocket but still, worth a second thought. The Final Fantasy XV theme simply includes the back of the limited edition version of its A-Series Hi-Res Audio-friendly walkman emblazoned with a large “XV” right on top and the four lead characters under the walkman logo pictured in a pixelized and beetles-esque style.

Apart from this, Sony also plans on bringing the XV theme to its upcoming headphone and Bluetooth speaker lines, all of which will feature a pre-installed special Hi-Res audio version of the game’s official soundtrack, the latter of the two runs at a fair $53. As for now, all of these franchise themed products that have been mentioned above seem to be Japan exclusives. But that may change soon enough.

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