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Most people in the United States have gone crazy to get their hands on a pair of Snap Inc.’s fun and quirky Spectacles, which are currently only available via Minion-like vending machine called ‘Snap Bot.’ Others who haven’t secured the hardware product are still trying to enjoy their Snapchat experience via the built-in filters or face masks.

But, if you’re one of the few lucky people, who’ve managed to snag a pair of these $130 Spectacles, then you can most likely gain access to a hidden filter within the Snapchat app . Yes, Snap Inc. has a packed in an augmented reality (AR) feature within its app, reports Twitter user Moshe Isaacian. This development was first spotted by The Next Web.

Isaac, in the video attached above, shows off the secret augmented reality feature which can be activated simply by pointing the Snapchat camera at the lettering on the charging case of the spectacles. Once the camera detects the ‘Spectacle’ lettering, it unlocks a special new filter with floating circular videos — a prominent speciality of the hardware offering.

This filter is different from the face masks, such as the doggy, cat or voice-modulator ones. It is more synonymous to the new background filters which have recently been added to the application. Instead of morphing your face in an odd way, these filters enable to modify your surrounding environment. For example, you can choose to see butterflies or snow falling in the backdrop of your snaps.

This augmented reality feature addition to the Spectacles sheds light on the future implications of the technology in the company’s hardware products — which it probably is working on. Seeing the rampant success of its marketing stint for the sale of its crazy new hardware product, the company had added a pop-up shop in New York. This will remain open for a couple weeks or more. So, if you want a pair, fly out to NY to get your hands on one of these beautiful hardware innovations.

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