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Vive, virtual reality headset is a product developed in collaboration by HTC and Valve. Vive furnishes with one of the best VR technology to the world. In April, HTC launched a program called the Vive X program. Under the program, the company would support and promote startups working towards VR development. The accelerator was backed by a $100 million investment and the results of this program are now clearly visible.

HTC has today released an add-on device that would disable the need for Vive’s wires and the souped up gaming PC. Hence, the add-on device would give you a wireless VR experience. A preview of the tether-less VR upgrade kit for Vive’s SteamVR device was displayed at Alibaba’s “11/11” global shopping festival in Shenzhen, China.

This add-on is critically linked to Vive X program. TPCAST, maker of the add-on, designed it under the same program. HTC has also started to accept pre-orders for the device at a price of $220 in China. The device would convert your VR headset into a wireless VR headset. However, there will be no change in the basic use of Vive with the add-on, it would just enhance user VR experience.

The Taiwanese manufacturer is still quiet about the peripheral’s release in U.S. and other countries.

Further speaking about the add-on, it has a battery that lasts only for an hour and a half. Although HTC will provide a bigger battery with higher battery life in future. The battery would be easily portable and would certainly last longer than the standard battery.

Although the pre-ordering is only available on the Chinese website, anyone can easily order it. But you would have to bear additional charges for shipment to Asia. Also, only a limited number of units are being sold by HTC. A valid Vive serial number though gets you ahead of the queue.

It is the third type of tether-less VR headset in the VR industry, but most likely the first one to be available for purchase already. Apart from HTC, Facebook, Intel and Qualcomm are also working to develop standalone wireless VR headsets that are expected to release in early 2017. But, HTC might have hit it out of the park with the release of a wireless add-on kit. The users now wouldn’t require purchasing an additional VR headset but instead, attach the add-on atop the purchased Vive headset and go wireless. Such new technologies would be beneficial for future businesses and open up new opportunities.

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