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Apparently, Apple may soon add a jet white model its latest series of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The news comes from a Japanese tech blog Macotakara. This would be in addition to the company’s current portfolio of iPhone 7 products that includes devices in Silver, Black, Gold, Rose Gold and Jet Black hues.

Although Macotakara has always been confident of its reports when it comes to Apple products,  it has advised readers to take this particular piece of news with a pinch of salt. The report comes with a warning that the information might be unreliable, but hey — Isn’t that always the case with rumors?

If we go by the history books, Apple has never added an all new color to an existing iPhone hardware design. It is only when the company introduces a next-generation model, that a new color is introduced.

For instance, the golden color was added when iPhone 5s was introduced and rose gold was added when iPhone 6s was brought before the public. Sure there have been exceptions such as when in 2010, a new colored variant (white) of iPhone 4 was released nine months after the company’s launch of the product. However there are reports stating that the color was actually announced with the launch of iPhone 4 and was just delayed due to some manufacturing difficulties.

A really interesting and possibility unique fact about Apple products is that, with each and every launch, come rumors about the next impending next launch. Indeed, you may already have heard about the rumors regarding the Apple iPhone 8 as well. Which brings us to another point: Just when Apple introduced its ceramic Apple Watch Edition, there was a rumor that the iPhone 8 will also come in the same jet white color with a case finish.

Well, in that case, the probability of introducing a device from the iPhone 7 series in jet white gets reduced significantly. For now though, let’s just enjoy the existing iPhone 7 series until Apple itself divulges what it has in store for us.

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