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Destiny: Trials of Osiris in-game DDoS attacks becoming a major issue

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Despite Bungie’s consistent efforts at banning any players using DDoS attacks to beat the game’s Trials of Osiris, many Destiny players still continue to promote the hacking tactic to any players looking for help in the trials.

For the majority bit, Destiny is an extremely comprehensive game. Gamers of any and all experience levels, ages, and interests can find something or the other to accomplish in Destiny and progress their guardian to a respectable level. That being said, Bungie has injected opportunities within the MMO for those gamers who are objectively more skilled than others to be able to receive special rewards.

One of the most sought after high-level activities to do in Destiny is the Lighthouse, a special in-game location which can only be accessed by Guardians who, along with their team, accumulate a total of nine wins and concur zero losses in the competitive arena Trials of Osiris. Naturally, gaining nine straight wins is not an easy task(Captain Obvious), which is why certain players have started selling their services as in game Sherpas, who will carry the lower-skilled players to flawless victories, for a price of course.

While there are some gamers who are already frustrated with Trials of Osiris and the available Sherpa services, a brand new tactic has arisen that’s causing a severe amount of frustration, bringing with it some heated discussions online. Some Sherpas have now discovered that once they’re inside a Trials of Osiris match, they can DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack enemy players, allowing them to quickly end an ongoing match and claim a victory. Doing this gets all the readily paying customers right through to the Lighthouse much quicker, but at the cost of other players’ experience.

Whatever it is that Destiny players may currently think of these Sherpas themselves, this action of hacking the match to gain a win is undoubtedly wrong, and hopefully the folks at Bungie are working on it. As for now, players who were riled up or beaten by Sherpa teams could improve their skills, find better teammates, or at the least, go down knowing they lost to genuinely better players.

With DDoS attacks, any skill related query goes straight out the window. Poor players can very easily set up Sherpa activities, and just as simply DDoS the enemy, getting themselves a win. That’s an extremely low barrier to entry and one that will cause a lot more DDoS activity to happen in the future unless taken care of.

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