In a move to define the next generation of consoles, Nintendo unveiled its hybrid gaming console ‘Nintendo Switch’ about a week ago. That was, however, just a teaser reveal and the details surrounding the same have been pretty scanty. But, that’s about to change sooner than expected.

Nintendo has today announced a January 12 conference where they’ll dispense more details regarding their upcoming console, the Nintendo Switch. This conference will revolve around its price, release date and a glimpse at several games.

Speculations in regards to the Nintendo Switch have been running rampant. While the Switch’s preview trailer boasted off what the platform will be looking like and the general concepts behind its design, Nintendo refrained from completely announcing any of the major features or points of interest like price and release date. And soon enough after the reveal, Nintendo also stated that many of those details would not be arriving until 2017. Today morning, Nintendo’s plans regarding these revelations became a tad bit more specific — an official event is now scheduled for January 12, 2017.

Any information regarding this January presentation was completely unveiled during a detailed presentation given to major financial analysts in Tokyo by the current Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima. “Major details” about their console will be revealed at this conference.

As for now, not much is currently known about the Nintendo Switch, beyond the fact that it is a handheld and console in one design. Details such as whether the screen on the handheld Switch has touchscreen capabilities, whether it will support MicroSD storage, and other important details like battery life remain to be unveiled. The possibility of Nintendo cramming all of these details into a single presentation is highly unlikely, but considering the relatively information lacking debut of the platform, any such details are definitely going to be highly anticipated.

Now it’s only a matter of waiting for two and a half months before finally getting to learn more about this highly anticipated console. We’ll soon know how much money we need to put aside to get our hands on the console as soon as it releases.

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