Joining the list of funded education technology startup, 3Dexter has today raised $150,000 in seed funding from ICA Edu Skills. The ed-tech startup offers 3D printing solution to schools.

This marks the third investment from ICA Edu Skills in the last one year in education related ventures. Earlier this year, it had invested in Jaipur-based mobile app solution Myly which provides communication tools between school and parents, along with a few other administrative and managerial services. It also invested in Open Door Education, a Pune-based assessment solution for schools.

Founded in July 2015 by Nikunj Singhal, Parth Batra, Raghav Sareen, Smarth Vasdev, Shantanu Kwatra, Raunak Singhi and Naman Singhal, 3Dexter is a 3D printing startup based out of Delhi. It is currently operating and training school students and syncing printers with the academic curriculum.

It assists educational institutions to develop 3D Modelling and Printing as a skill in young minds through a curriculum-based setup. This approach is different from competitors, who have been operating either in the retail or in the industrial sector. Currently, 3Dexter provides an all-round package to schools consisting of 2 to 3 printers, spool, trained teachers, 3D pens and lesson plans according to the client’s preference.

As per the company, the technology is making headway into a number of industries and is the future of prototyping. 3Dexter envisions this technology to be at the core of higher education and an enabler of innovation. As such, enabling schools to train their students, is likely to give them a head-start.

After the company’s successful operations at Maxfort, Dwarka, a lot of other schools started showing interest in receiving a 3D printer setup for their own curriculum, says the company. The ed-tech firm further says that this technology is something which has already been a hit abroad, and now there is a need to adapt it here in India.

Using this new technology, students are building innovative products in their 2nd and 3rd years of engineering itself. 3D printing helps translate ideas and designs into reality quicker. However, at the primary school level, 3D printing technology is just gaining recognition. There are just handful of schools that have invested in this. The company believes that the main reason is because they are yet to understand the overall scope of such a technology.

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