Galaxy Upgrade Program, Note 7

Even after global replacement call for over 2.5 million defected Note 7 smartphones, Samsung is still struggling to contain losses and provide safety to its users. After the numerous incidents of safe devices exploding days after replacement, the Korean giant has finally decided to introduce ‘adjustments’ to its production line. Though there have been reports that the company was completely halting prodution for the time being, but nothing of that sort has been said in the official statement.

While Samsung has been unable to comprehend the surmounting pressure due to another set of defective smartphones, major U.S mobile carriers have themselves shouldered the task to offer refunds and replacements to save face. They’re now allowing users to visit any nearby store and get their Galaxy Note 7s exchanged for any other smartphone. Yes, any other smartphone(most people would definitely pick iPhone 7, just saying!)

But, we’re now getting wind of a wierd set of e-mail that are currently being circulated by Samsung’s customer service representatives. Though we’re still uncertain about the possibility of another global recall request, it seems that the customer reps are equally misguided and lost in terms of what course of action to take.

In an email exchange received by The Verge, the customer who’s been trying to return his recalled Note 7 mailed the customer representatives twice. He then finally received a vague ‘oddly-worded’ reply that started off in third-person referring to a ‘they’ who must have sent him a link for replacement. And bringing on this ‘they’ is what they refer to as a step in the right direction.

The customer representative supplies the customer with a link to a third-party website which specializes in recalls — Samsung is probably tired and on the verge of giving up. The same has been described in the email exchange as under:

One of the issues happening is that customers are receiving emails with their email address, but a different order number. If this happens, please refer to your original confirmation order number to attempt the sign up, and this should solve that issue. Customers were finding when they tried the original number, it matched the email and the order would go through correctly.

This new program is being headed up by a company that specializes in recalls. Through the web page you set up your exchange or refund, and have the option to ship the phone (they mail you the special packaging to send the phone back in), or you can arrange for an agent of this company to come to your home and pick up the phone directly.

This does not apply in some areas as they do not have agents stationed in some of the more rural areas. In that case the packaging will be sent if the agents are not available to your area. It is also an “advanced” exchange. We basically will ship you the phone and the packaging independently of each other, but from when you place the exchange order.

So if you choose to exchange, they will begin processing both items to go out. You will not receive them together, they may arrive at different times, but you will not have to return the old phone before they begin to process the new phone. If you opt for a refund instead, it will be just as previous refunds were. Once the item is returned, they will process your refund.

As this is going to another company, when these exchanges are submitted, we cannot check the status of them for you until they submit you an order number for the new phone or tracking information. We have limited information on a lot of the process at this time. I hope this information is helpful and resolves the issues soon.

From going by the utter negligent phrasing of a segment of the email attached above, one should give up hope of getting a replacement directly from Samsung or the third-party retailer they’ve hired. You’re best chance at getting ahold of a replacement device and earning your money’s worth is to exchange the same at your nearest carrier store.

And if you’re truly a daring person, you should keep your Note 7 with you for a certain ‘BOOM!!’ is the coming days. Though, we would highly suggest you not to do so. Think about your safety and replace your Note 7 asap.

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