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Microsoft looking to upgrade the Windows 10 Paint app with a new UI and support for 3D objects

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This year has certainly marked the end of legacy technology and software. And joining the list now is our old and trusy Microsoft Paint. Yes, the free image editing tool that has remained fairly untouched in the recent releases of Windows iterations, might finally be getting an update. And not just a simple facelift, this will be a complete redesign with the inclusion of community content and 3D drawing support.

There previously have been speculations on the release of a revamped Paint application that falls in line with the modern Windows 10 theme. But the leaked screenshots seemed to depict an early preview version of the app, which has seen some major progress since then.

A twitter user WalkingCat, as first spotted by The Verge, has now found video evidence detailing the new Paint app which is now loaded with features. And as one can see in the video below, it has definitely been redesigned keeping the universal windows platform(UWP) for Windows 10 in mind — those crisp edges and square icons. This ultimately pushes the old boxy image editing service, Paint, beyond just child’s play and into more modern times.

Though the Redmond giant has retained all familiar features of your regular(and needy) Paint application, but how can be a long-due update be complete without some new feature additions. Microsoft while making the interface easier to use and understand is now bringing in an updated arsenal of brushes and markers to help creators beautify their artworks. It will surprisingly also add support for 3D objects — viewing, editing, and even designing.

While the new Paint app will be in preview, users will be able to freely create and annotate 3D objects on the fly. All tools will be touch and pen friendly, and would also help the company port the same onto their augmented reality headset — HoloLens. The application is also expected to host community curated content for access to free 3D models and add-on tools.

Microsoft is currently testing an early ‘alpha’ version of the Paint app, and the company could be working on an official announcement of the preview release at the October 26th event. As reported yesterday, Microsoft is gearing up to announce what’s next in the future of Windows, which is expected to receive two Redstone updates over the span of next year. There is also possibility of the debut of a new set of Surface laptops and desktops as well.

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