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OurMine had hacked Buzzfeed News and altered several articles, site now restored

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OurMine, the notorious hacker group which has been behind twitter account hacks of several celebrities, has now targeted one of world’s most visited websites — Buzzfeed. The hacker group, a couple of days back, hacked into Buzzfeed’s Buzzfeed News website and altered several articles along with leaving cryptic messages.

The same was accepted and acknowledged by Buzzed via a tweet yesterday. The tweet says,

At the time of writing this report, most of those altered Buzzed News articles have been restored to their original form. However, there might still be a few remaining, which did not catch our notice, considering that a website like Buzzed news may house massive amount of articles and data.

Buzzfeed, in its Twitter response, has mentioned that the group had perhaps hacked the site as a retaliatory measure against one of its stories, which highlighted a Saudi teen who was probably behind this hacker group.

Of lately, OurMine has been targeting some of the most reputed names in the news reporting industry as its late targets. Not so long ago, tech news powerhouse TechCrunch was targeted by the group, wherein it published a vandalised post about how it had hacked the website and was testing its security. The group had also hacked into the media house’s social media accounts and sent out vague tweets.

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