German automaker Daimler has collaborated with NUS Enterprise to launch its Startup Autobahn accelerator programme in Singapore, as a part of the Mercedes-Benz producer’s initiative in Germany. The program was introduced in May and has since shown optimistic outcomes.

Daimler plans to accelerate local startups by helping them develop their idea towards a real life market — fit within their company.

The Singapore chapter of Startup Autobahn will particularly look for budding firms specializing in fields like Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, gamification, personalization, Virtual and Augmented Reality, location-based services, natural language processing, predictive analytics, and more. It focusses on automotive retail, after-market, corporation and the brand’s customers.

Our programme will support selected startups on the highway to success. With Mercedes-Benz you will have a significant customer base to apply your startup ideas to real life challenges from day one.

says the accelerator’s website.

Selected startups will get direct access to more than 13 countries in the Asia Pacific region, along with an opportunity to work for the $2-trillion automobile industry.

Mercedes-Benz is also associating with Silicon Valley’s Plug and Play Tech Centre and General Assembly, a US-based pioneer in education and career transformation. One of the biggest and most experienced accelerator operators, Plug and Play Tech Centre is spread over 20 locations in Silicon Valley, Germany, Spain, Singapore, China and Brazil. It will be primarily supporting Startup Autobahn accelerator in Singapore.

The accelerator calls for applications from startups until October 18 and the program will commence in November. A pitching day will be held in February 2017 followed by an overseas panel three months later, which will provide a unique experience for selected teams to share and discuss their product or service ideas with hundreds of Mercedes-Benz business professionals from all over the Asia Pacific.

The accelerator notes that participants will keep their intellectual property at the end of the program and that it will work with them to develop their ideas within Mercedes-Benz. It will also provide mentorship, access to investors and the company’s network, and tools and training. The selected businesses will work out of the JTC Launchpad space in Singapore’s Block 71 area. The program is scheduled to conclude in May 2017.

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