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App Development firm Hashtaag raises $1 million in seed round

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Hashtaag, a mobile consultancy, design and development firm, has managed to raise $1 million in its seed funding round from a group of three angel investors. However, the company has refrained from disclosing the names of the participants.

The seed funding will help the company hire talent and build better products. Apart from this, Hashtaag is also looking to deploy the monies to expand its presence in India, as well as move to various other countries.

Speaking on the topic, Krishna Vemula, chairman and co-founder of Hashtaag, said,

We intend to make rapid inroads in the design-led app engineering space, and with this additional funding impetus we can continue to focus on delivering the best products to meet our client’s needs with our fundamentally unique business model and value propositions.

Hashtaag was founded by Krishna Vemula and Jayavardhan B N in 2015. The company primarily works with entrepreneurs and startups looking for a high-quality mobile app development partner. It works with companies to transform their businesses through consultation, development and deployment of enterprise-grade mobile and web applications.

Hashtaag currently has over 40 mobile app developers, designers and support staff on board. It aims to scale up its presence to reach over 100 employees by the end of 2016. The company has already set up additional offices in Chennai and Mumbai for this purpose.

Apart from offices in India, the company also has an office in San Francisco, California which caters to serial entrepreneurs and startups in the US.

Hashtaag specializes in iPhone App Development, Android App Develpment, Windows 8 development, Mobile consultancy, Mobile Apps, Enterprise mobility and Mobile strategy.

In India, the community of mobile app developers is fast expanding.  As per a Deloitte study, the country is set to host the largest number of developers in the world by 2017.  The report further estimated that India will have around 300,000 mobile app developers. And considering that businesses are increasingly expanding online, and partnering up with third party providers to cater to their software needs, Hashtaag does not appear to be about to face a dearth in either demand or supply anytime soon.


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