Last month, Microsoft had announced that a virtual reality version of its popular game Minecraft would be released following the launch of the Minecraft Windows 10 Edition Beta. This, however, didn’t happen as planned and VR enthusiasts were getting impatient. Fortunately, we have good news for you. Mojang’s Tommaso Checchi said the VR version of the game developed by the platform will hit the markets next week.

Checchi wrote in a tweet today:

PSA: unsurprisingly, promised dates change :)
We said that Rift support would be in 0.15.6, but it will be out next week instead!

People who have already tried Minecraft Windows 10 Beta edition (version 0.15.6) will tell you that the game runs amazingly in VR. The game is very much immersive and the 360-degree 3D makes you feel like you are actually in the blocky world of Minecraft. Because of this, Minecraft became one of the most highly-anticipated Oculus Rift titles.

Currently, the game will be available in VR on exclusively the Oculus Rift. But our guess is that the game will eventually make it to Microsoft’s very own Hololens where it might reach a whole new level entirely.

You can easily download Windows 10 beta version of Minecraft for free from Microsoft-owned developer Mojang. The only condition is that you should pre-own Minecraft for PC or Mac. Just head over to their website and enter your credentials to get access.

To run the game, all you need is your very own Oculus Rift, which luckily is shipping much faster after the hassle of backlogs due to pre-orders. You can order it now and get it in two days for just under $600. Next, you should have a PC with specs powerful enough to handle the VR rendering and support the Oculus Rift. And finally, you should own a PC or Mac copy of the game itself.

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