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Titanfall Devs paid a lot of attention towards the development of an actual campaign mode this time round, with a story and everything, unlike the last game, which honestly just gave you an arcade mode in the name of a campaign. New details (along with a trailer) regarding this new campaign have surfaced and if history were any clue, they seem to be on the right path.

Titanfall’s first game was an astounding success due to its innovative new multiplayer which provided players with intense, fast paced action along with some exhilarating Mecha moments. The new game, as announced during this years E3, will feature a campaign mode alongside the main course that is the multiplayer.

We were given a sneak peak of what the campaign was going to look like during E3 and honestly, putting the Mechas aside, it gave a very Call of Duty-ish vibe (which i’m not sure how i feel about).

In a recent Interview with IGNMackey McCandlish, the Lead designer, mentioned how, for everyone working on the team(most of whom are former Infinity ward devs), a brand new world and concept to work with was a breath of fresh air. He said

I think having made as many games as some of the people on the team have, we start to look for opportunities to stretch our limbs and make something that would excite us, We’ve all been influenced by Half-Life and Bioshock and didn’t really have the opportunity to bring that level of pacing and player-centric conflict to games like Call of Duty that are so much about a squad. So this was a really great opportunity to stretch our limbs.

Whats worth mentioning here is the fact that the studio has show much enthusiasm toward the gameplay styles of games such as the new DOOM and Wolfenstein: the new order to draw inspiration from.

I think for a while people thought that you needed an MMO experience and loot to be single player. There is sort of trendline into Destiny, The Division, and Borderlands. And I think in recent times with Doom, and maybe Wolfenstein before that, people have started to say, ‘No no, we did like this other thing that was totally just about you and not about grinding.’ I think it’s something that we do well so we’re bringing that to Titanfall.

As for the new trailer, check it out right here:


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